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Our True Living Program will form partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, and county agencies. True Passion’s goal is to foster a commitment to young adults that will promote interpersonal relationships, as well as reassert a sense of hope and value. It is through mentoring and education that the young adults within the Foster Care system can be set on a path of adulthood with the correct tools and again a sense of pride and accomplishment.

True Living is a program that is needed in direct response to the aged out foster children residing within Alameda County. As these youths do not have the tools needed to go on to adulthood, True Passion’s goal is to identify the growing number of youths that are failing this transition and to help with accomplishing their goals by offering a positive support system and reinforcing that their goals and dreams can become a reality.

True Living’s primary focus will be those aged 13-18; as these are the critical years for foster children and is an age group that has been deemed problematic. Our mentoring/tutoring program and services will pair a youth with a mentor for weekly planned activities, weekend tutoring services, guess speakers and educational field trips.

Both mentors and tutors will be background screened and receive the training necessary to help our youths and young adults.

Over time, True Living will create a wholesome learning environment that will be a valuable asset to the youths who we help, as well as to the community.

You / We Can Make a Difference!

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